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That weird lettering up above is Greek. So, you can truthfully say; “shit, that looks like Greek to me!”. At least you have that, never know where today is heading.

What is says, supposedly, is “the smart man accepts”. The rest of the saying is; “the idiot insists”. Think about that. That is a major wisdom teaching. Go ahead, dig in, fight about it and then after it’s over, tell me where that got you. Ego is like that. Ego will get your ass kicked every time, guaranteed.

Another way to say that might be, let everybody have their own truth. Or, it may insinuate how you can manipulate other people by getting out of the way, let them win. Either way, the outcome is you can do whatever you want. Even out in broad daylight. Promise.

When you step back and remember that you are just a character in the movie running in your neighbor’s head, all becomes clear. That’s why spiritual teachers point out that talk in the head is simply talk in the head. Everybody writes their own script and they do their own casting. Now, there may be major denial going on, but you pretty much get what you give. In this case, your dominating thoughts will, sooner or later, manifest in one way or the other. Run away, hide, won’t do any good. Whenever you go, there you are. Boom.


J Carey Scott
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    29 November 2017 at 8:42 am
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    This content is going to be my affirmation for today. Thank you for sharing. Excellent read!

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