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Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Morning Joe. No, not coffee, a television show.

Morning Joe. No, not coffee, a television show. You know, network stuff with talking heads and great puffery touted as punditry. Yes, news, or at least their version of events. Morning Joe is on MSNBC, the paragon of virtue and oracle of wisdom; some may even say the fountain of bullshit. That’s not a smear, in the entertainment business, the best bullshit wins, hands down.

You know, the host, Joe Scarborough, is originally from Pensacola, Florida, the western most boundary of the Redneck Riviera. I had met Joe a while back, when he was a Congressman from that district. I am pretty sure he doesn’t recall me, but I do have a vague recollection of meeting him, undoubtedly a fundraiser (10-1, anybody?). His co-host Mika Brzezinski, is hot. She is also his fiancé’, or wife, I don’t know exactly. I only researched it enough to get the spelling or her name. I mean, what do you guys expect? Like any of us here, reading this,could give two shits about small detail, get to the point, huh?. They were married to other people, as in their spouses who were like different, ok so far? Then, they were on the set and the vibes overcame them, things started to tingle, everybody get that? Shit, that’s the entire programming strategy of Bravo Channel. As I have said, many times, I haven’t watched, or read, media since the 2016 election cycle, except for a few minor slips in airports and such. Hard to stay pure. Thing is, here in Tommytown it takes the television about 5 minutes to do whatever it does before I can hit the smart button and go to YouTube. So, there is this window of danger during the boot up phase. Ok, so I watched a few minutes of Morning Joe, sue me. I already told you Mika is hot, (by the way, her Dad was Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor to President Carter, no small thing). Maybe not as hot as Mrs. Poohs but hot nonetheless. That is as good an excuse as I can think of, so let’s move on. The small detail is I turned on the television in the afternoon, so the warm up channel was still MSNBC.

I learned a ton yesterday in such a short time, incredible. It’s almost like I should tear out the coupon and mail in my check. Speed learning, who knew? I learned that the United States was founded on racism, hatred toward just about everybody, capitalism and the abuse of women. Damn, I didn’t know that, bet it’s new for you too. There was a panel of journalists pretending to be teachers and they must have been from the professional victim union, they were expert survivors in what must be a parallel victim’s universe. I guess they have some portal or maybe it’s all right here in front of our faces. Hard to know. This one young woman was on a rant, I mean she was screaming it. You already know what she was talking about, yes, the latest poster star for hatred, abuse and victimhood, Stormy Daniels. Since I don’t watch the media, I don’t have the details at hand. I gleamed that Miss Stormy is in the adult entertainment business and she has a beef with Donald Trump. Beyond that, I can only guess, but I don’t really give a shit.

The talking heads kept using the phrase “pathological liar” and how that relates to a sitting President. Please. You cannot be serious (a phrase made famous by John McEnroe), somebody in Washington is not telling the straight juice? What I noticed more than their words was the negative energy and fear. Their fear was manifest in the form of hate, disgust and judgement. You could turn the volume completely off and not miss it. I did not surf the remote, but I would guess that every other ‘news’ channel was more or less screaming the same thing. I think it was Plato who suggested that justice was no more than the will of the strong. Well, Plato didn’t have the premium cable package with 2,971 channels. Perhaps justice is the will of the strongest (and loudest) voice coupled with the most vivid imagination. You got to love it.

Ok, here is where you rightfully ask, just what is the fucking point? The point is that no point exists, not really. We talk about the popular, the meaningless and the sensational but never the important. The important is ugly, smelly and distasteful and is rarely pretty but is far more impactful than porn stars and politicians with hair issues. Again, I don’t know exactly what the beef is, but it has former FBI directors and a gaggle of screaming victims frothing. All I can say is stay away from that shit. Breaking news here, I would rather you watch Bravo Channel than that shit all day. I cannot believe I just said that, but I did. Better to watch Bruce Jenner is a girl and Housewives than the that fearful, emotionally toxic detritus that sucks your soul.

Love and fear. That’s it, all we get. Love is nuanced more than might immediately come to mind, but fear is a bucket of guts. Manifestations of fear are almost limitless, since they are all ‘comorbid’, same shit all at once. Greed, pride, hate, envy and all of that. Pretty much all the seven deadly sins plus iterations and different elements which thereby make it a fucking math problem. You don’t have to hear a whole lot before you start feeling weird, some mad, some just a bit shaky; physical manifestations, telling you. Although I haven’t done a fancy survey, I just know. You know too. We all know people who just wig all day having the shit on, it’s crazy. It produces brain chemicals that Eli Lilly would look to somehow monetize.

Someone, from time to time, has the epiphany, figures out the correlation and gets smart, YouTube live performance videos of their childhood stars. I mean come on, what makes you feel better? Mika, while advisedly hot but a pundit nonetheless or Stevie Nicks, Edge of 17? Any argument here? As I have said here, and elsewhere, the new, new world will suck your brains dry, bone. The domestication is subtle, sure, but just look at it with a new pair of glasses. The massage of frenetic consumption of consumer goods with little, often none, practical value is almost imperceptivity promising you to take your shirt off like Matthew McConoughey and stare at your Lincoln in the mist. Trying to sell some story that will never be true, isn’t true to begin with. But, it’s fun to dream about having an eight pack and speaking very slowly and cool, like Matthew. I feel better all ready.

J Carey Scott

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